Infinite applications

Catering, beaches, industry, agriculture, factories, industrial buildings, places of worship or any workplace or recreational area and replaces traditional air conditioners. Dramatically increases the feeling of well-being by making the workplace more productive and more comfortable. Fragrance and odor control (optional)

Energy saving

Extremely low power consumption (about one coffee per day, depending on the model). At equivalent power consumption it is 5/6 times more efficient than a traditional air conditioner. It lowers ambient temperature up to 7- 12 ° with doors and windows open and furthermore cleanses and purifies the air of odors and airborne germs. Resource efficient, does not pollute, does not use refrigerants and is CE compliant. Uses only water, air and little energy.

No installation and low maintenance

It's easy to place, the machine is delivered fully assembled and ready to operate, can be carried anywhere and does not need to be uninstalled because it is not an air conditioner.

Italian product

Bora is not an imported product! Conceived, designed and produced in Italy!

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Starting from2000.00

Technical specifications

Height 1850 mm
Width 980 mm
Depth 470 mm
Power from 50 to 250 W
Tank capacity 80 lt
Noise 50 dB
Energy class A+
Materials Aluminum, Plastic
Avaible colors Gold
Anthrax Grey
Equipment Power cord, tank, instruction manual
Autonomy 10 hours unplugged, unlimited connected water supply
Usage Interior/Exterior